Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saint Augustine Bound!!

To all my friends, clients and visitors who I have been in contact with over the years!! Saint Augustine Bound!, well sooner or later every once in a while you have to take that leap of faith and tackle a new project!! This one includes a move to a great area that has one of the best yards on the East Coast.

Whether you are looking for yacht sales, service, assistance in outfitting or re-fitting, this yard has the opportunity to get it just right. Let me have the opportunity to introduce you to what can be done! Please feel free to contact me anytime at or call 954-821-6450

This is a lovely city rich in history with easy access from the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Augustine sits just south of Jacksonville on the intercoastal. So a visit to the yard is easy to get to.

There is so much to do while in town as a wonderful diversion when not working on your yacht. There is alot of both land or water storage if you are intending to leave your yacht whether if for a break from the boat, or if you are interested in selling.

I am looking for a few good listings. If you are considering selling, having your yacht staged in a location that can be accessed conveniently from just about any where in the country. Friendly service in a secure environment. Give me the opportunity to discuss my current market strategy in selling your yacht for an optimum price. 954-821-6450

Looking for a yacht!? I sure would like to discuss your purchase parameters. I am now associated with South East Sailing and Yachts of Saint Augustine representing Hunter Marine and the Brokerage Market both Sail and Power.

As always you can find me most anytime at or call anytime 954-821-6450