Sunday, November 22, 2015

St Petersburg Boat Show this December 3rd through the 6th!

I will be aboard most of the time this year Our Stunning
2015 Gemini Legacy 35 Catamaran
for Sale!
Call 954-821-6450954-821-6450 or email for a VIP Inspection. SPECIAL SHOW PRICING!! St Petersburg Florida USA Catamarans for Sale!! Call or email to book and Appointment!
Offerings on other Lagoon/Gemini Products ask for details  or CALL anytime 954-821-6450 Ask for John

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Catamaran Cove Pier 66 for 2015!

November 5th through the 9th! The Great American Catamaran Show in Conjuction with The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The years Venue will be held at Pier 66 Fort Lauderdale Catamarans for Sale! The Catamaran Company will also be holding it's Annual Open House during these dates with Lot's of Catamarans for sale located at Our Corporate offices Lauderdale Marine Center.
I will be aboard most of the time this year a stunning Lagoon 620 Catamaran for Sale located at Pier 66. Call 954-821-6450954-821-6450 or email for a VIP Inspection, happy to provide a list of Catamarans for Sale in town for the show dates!

Offerings on other Lagoon/Gemini Products ask for details  or CALL anytime 954-821-6450954-821-6450 Ask for John

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gemini Catamarans for Sale! October 2015

Gemini Catamarans for Sale! Come see the Evolution in Design! An M, MC 105 and the New Legacy Gemini 35 available for your inspection St Augustine Florida! Contact John Anderson 954-821-6450 or email anytime

Monday, September 14, 2015

Gemini's St Augustine Florida USA!

Gemini Catamarans for Sale! Whether you are looking for an M 105, Mc 105 or a New Legacy 35 Catamaran for Sale! You will find them at St Augustine Catamaran Center!  New Arrivals as of September 2015 Call John Anderson for further details 954-821-6450 0r email at

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Own A Crewed Yacht! Make Money in the Caribbean!

Nice Haul St Augustine Marine Center! 2002 Voyage 58 580 Catamarans for Sale! Call John Anderson for details.. 954-821-6450954-821-6450

 This Fully equipped Voyage 580 58 is available as an active Crewed Yacht, turn key with business. Catamaran for Sale. Contact me John Anderson

The Catamaran Company is the Largest Retailer of Catamarans Globally.
Representing Manufacturer's like:
Lagoon Catamarans for Sale
Gemini Catamarans for Sale.
Let my 25 Years find you Just the Right Catamaran, I know the Industry and where the Best Deals can be Found!

Del Max, 1994 Lagoon 37 Catamarans for Sale St Augustine Florida USA

Featured Catamarans for Sale Lagoon 37 1994 Seriously for Sale. Ready for her next Adventure! Located St Augustine Florida USA

Other Select Offerings on other Lagoon/Gemini Products ask for details  or CALL anytime 954-821-6450954-821-6450 Ask for John Catamaran for sale!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gemini Legacy 35 2015 Fall Show Invasion!!

2015 Fall Show Invasion! A Must See in the New Gemini Legacy 35 Now Built by Catalina Yacht Largo Florida! For current Shows, Pricing and Deliveries please contact me, John Anderson 954-821-6450 or email at
Gemini Legacy 35 Catamarans for Sale Select brokerage and Stock Inventory Available!
Whether New or Previously Owned You have come to the right place!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Catamarans for Sale Miami Boat Show 2015!

Miami Boat Show 2015? We will have more on display that ever before:
Miami Strictly Sail Downtown Miami:
From Lagoon
New L39 #101                
New L450 #394             
New L52 #53                  
New L560S2 #73           
New L630MY Power Cat  #1 First Time in US Waters!
From Gemini
Gemini Catamarans: Legacy 35 #1200 Debut of The New Catalina Build!
This Year we will have a Brokerage Show in conjunction with the Miami Show
Currently we will have over 15 Cats Power and Sail Previously Owned at Our Docks
Fort Lauderdale Marine Center. Ask for a current list as to what will be available.           
Best Regards,
John Anderson, Broker License #1235
Yacht Sales and Service
The Catamaran Company
St Augustine FL
St Petersburg FL
Fort Lauderdale FL
Annapolis MD
Tortola British Virgin Islands
United Kingdom
Corporate and Personal
Office: 954.449.4649
Fax: 954.727.0024
Personal Cell 954.821.6450