Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gemini Catamarans for Sale Saint Augustine Florida

First, I would like to think that we can all enter 2010 with much excitement and optimism! Secondly, The St. Augustine Catamaran Center begins it’s first full year with much enthusiasm and a tremendous amount of new offerings not afforded the South East Coast in the recent past. We hope to offer Premier Sales and Customer Service to this region via New Gemini Catamarans, Lagoon Catamarans, Full Service and Repairs as well as down right Great Representation in the Brokerage Market whether Buying and or Selling a Previously Owned Catamaran.

Gemini Catamarans
Looking for that Domestic Sea Port where Southern Living and Sailing is Great and where the
Cost of Ownership can be Shared!

As a kick-off to new offerings in 2010, I would like to present a great opportunity in Gemini Catamarans where we are looking for a just a few new owners to take the opportunity to place a new Gemini Catamaran into Charter here in St. Augustine. As of the end of this past year St. Augustine Sailing has agreed to accept New Gemini Catamarans into it’s fleet located just North of the City at Beautiful Camachee Island Marina. Join the Team! Here is a great opportunity to own a new Gemini starting at just $162,500 and have her cover most of her costs via income generated from charter revenues. St Augustine Sailing offers not just bareboat charters, but ASA Sailing Instruction, Corporate Team Building Programs, Captained Charters, both Day and Term as well as great Sunset Cruises built around Historic St Augustine and her surrounding waters! Prefer private ownership? Fractional? I would very happy to discuss all the potential ownership choices, as the Gemini makes such an affordable choice for North East Florida, Georgia and the Carolina’s.

Camachee Island Marina, just on the out skirts of Historic Downtown St. Augustine is perfectly located along the ICW and within minutes of the Atlantic Ocean. The Marina affords full service, from rooms at "The Inn at Camachee Harbor", dining at "Kingfish Grill", to full boatyard services and a well stocked Marine Retail Store. The location is a great place for St. Augustine Sailing, St Augustine Catamaran Center and the potential of berthing your Gemini Catamaran.

We do it all! Fitting out and commissioning either Factory Direct in Annapolis or we can handle her here! SouthEast Sailing and Yachts, St. Augustine, can provide expert customer service in getting your yacht your way!

We also do have further purchase for charter placements available in either Annapolis Maryland on the Chesapeake or the British Virgin Islands, Village Cay Marina. Looking for a larger Catamaran with charter income potential please feel free to call or write.

The St Augustine Catamaran Center is supported by and a division of The Catamaran Company, Fort Lauderdale Florida. In this world you want to have the confidence of working with the best! 20 Years in the business of Catamarans only, over 100 Catamarans SOLD 2009 Worldwide. Come enjoy the experience!

As always, you can find me just about anytime as 954-821-6450 or

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Holiday's from Catamarans for Sale Saint Augustine Florida

Happy Holiday's !!

This year has been filled with much change and we have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to in this coming 2010.

Catamarans for Sale: It is the time of year to take stock in yourself and in your dreams. Life is short. Fulfilling dreams is one of the best ways to measure your stock.

This is also the time of year to take a moment to thank the many people who touch your life as well. To those of you who I had the opportunity to do business with this year I thank you for allowing me to work for you. I promise you it was my pleasure. I count you all as part of my extended family. I hope you will stay in touch and remain part of the family.

To those of you that I have only had limited contact or it has been a while since we touched base; let’s make it a point to reach out again in 2010 to fill those dreams of a catamaran in your family.

Again, the very best to you and yours and I loook forward to working with so many of you in the next coming year! You can find me most anytime at 954-821-6450 or email

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Catamaran Center of Saint Augustine Catamarans for Sale


It has been announced that John Anderson will lead a new sales center in Saint Augustine, Florida servicing South Carolina, Georgia and Northeast Florida giving The Catamaran Company a sixth location with which to service catamaran buyers. Catamarans for Sale

John, after a number of years traveling the East Coast working with buyers and sellers of Catamarans, looked for just the right place to create a great regional center for Catamarans for The Catamaran Company. This Center is to service the South Carolina, Georgia and North East Florida and at the same time maintain ties to the Corporate Office in Fort Lauderdale. Saint Augustine and it’s Yards and Marinas are easily access able from the Atlantic Ocean and the
ICW, offering multiple locations for dockage and has Catamaran Friendly Marine Services with rail capacity to haul up to near 40’ in beam. From Saint Augustine, John can service regionally Charleston, Savannah, Brunswick and Jacksonville currently lacking good catamaran service whether buying, selling or chartering.

The Catamaran Center of Saint Augustine will be dedicated to sell New Gemini Catamarans from Performance Cruising , New Lagoon Catamarans and service the Used Market for both buyers and sellers. It is the mission of this Center to provide an “Approved” Vendors List of Catamaran friendly services within the region so that a customer can give us a call from within the area and have access to recommended local Yards, Marinas and Services as required. Finally, this new center will be in the position to field charter inquires whether bareboat or crewed, happy to work with “try before you buy” charters and those parties considering a purchase for charter application.
It is with great pleasure that I have had the opportunity to service this growing area of the Marine Market segment and hope to provide many years of Sales and Service from the Catamaran Center of Saint Augustine. You can find me just about anytime when not in the boat yard at or by cell phone 954.821.6450

Friday, October 23, 2009

Catamarans and Hunter Sail Boats For Sale Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2009

Well here we go! The For Lauderdale Boat Show 2009! Now remember this show is one HUGE Motor Boat Show where in the show it self there will be very few sail boats available to be seen.

Given that, there will be a number of good reasons to attend this years show even if your interests are in sail boats. First of all, Catamaran Sailboats for sale. I work closely with Brent Hermann of The Catamaran Company and here is what they are doing. Due to the volume of Catamarans in town, Brent and The Catamaran Company are supporting two different venues. First will be a Catamaran Only Show at their docks off of Las Olas Boulevard. Lot's of Choices. There will be shuttle service to these docks from the main show. but please on appointment only or you are on your own!

Secondly, you will find the debut of the New Lagoon 620 available for sale in the main show itself. Know this a big show and to find this fine yacht you will have to head up to the far North End of the Show right along the Los Olas Boulevard Bridge. Worth the hike. This vessel has been in the works for quite a while and she is stunning. Very innovative, very creative yet functional. She will set a standard in the industry for this class of yacht. Again with an appointment with Brent or my self arrangements can be made then to visit the other Catamarans for sale at the Catamaran Only Show further up Los Olas on the main land.

Finally, I will be at the show to present our Hunter Sailboat 49 For sale Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2009 "Big Blue". We sailed her down for the show as she is seriously for sale. She is one of the nicest 49's that I have seen to date. Now to find us we are at the absolute opposite end of the main show just South of the Bahia Mar. B Dock Slip 222. Though this will be the only model in attendance please be aware that we still have stock in H36, H38, H41DS, H45CC, and of course the 49. We will be prepared to quote on the New Hunter 39 and Hunter 50CC. If you plan on attending and would like to have a personalized tour please feel free to contact me just about anytime.

You can contact myself or Brent just about anytime before, during or after the show via email or John's cell 954-821-6450 or Brent 954-224-7637

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1991 Lagoon 55 Catamaran For Sale on the Rails Saint Augustine FL

It is always a "treat" to see a large catamaran for sale on the San Sabastain River St Augustine Florida awaiting a Haul on the rails of Saint Augustine Marine. Once positioned you can hear the big Electric Motor running as the yacht glides out of the water effortlessly. The rail can handle up to 30' plus in beam and is one of the great assets of this yard creating a catamaran friendly environment.

In talking with the owner's of "GO BUCKS" this 1991 Lagoon 55' they have had her with a couple who have been maintaining her and are real pleased with her current condition normally berthed on the North East coast of Florida. She is available to be purchased where her current asking price is $424,900.

Saint Augustine is a great place to bring your Cat if you are looking for an alternative to the big city yards, easy to access from the Atlantic. If you have interest in our services and or an interest in the yacht, please feel free to contact me just about anytime at 954-821-6450 or

Friday, September 25, 2009

Annapolis Boat Show 2009 Catamarans for Sale

The Annapolis Boat Show has established an unsurpassed reputation for presenting the most comprehensive showcase of the latest and the best the boating industry has to offer. A year is soon closing and it's once again Show Time! Show Dates: October 8-12, 2009. This year there will not only be the largest selection of new catamarans on the market but also a large collection of previously owned. Catamarans for Sale I am booking appointments now for the show to spend time with customers that want special attention. I am a buyers agent. I work for you-either sail or power, monohull or multihull! Let me know your yachting interests and I would be happy to forward any current details. Best way to reach me: or 954-821-6450 to schedule an appointment with me before or during the show.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Catamarans for Sale Saint Augustine Florida USA

From Saint Augustine there are a surprising number of Catamarans for Sale at any one particular time. Georgia and North offers out of Florida State locations for dockage and for many a bit of insurance cost relief during Hurricane Season.

Proper Marina and Yard Facilities that can handle Catamarans can be found foremost via Saint Augustine Marine of Saint Augustine and Thunderbolt Marine out of Savannah Georgia.

Serivce Centers providing high quality services and products abound via craftsman that migrated from the large manufacturing facilities of Hunter Luhr's and Mainship. SouthEast Sailing and Yachts out of Saint Augustine provides many of these services along with other contractors in the area from Charleston to Savannah and Jacksonville.

So what can you find? Here is a current list of offerings as of this date. Please be aware that this list constantly changes as yachts move and come on and off the Market:

60', Fountaine Pajot, 1999, Asking $720,000, Brunswick GA

55' Lagoon, 1991, Asking $424,900, Daytona FL

48' Saint Francis, 2003, Asking $575,000, Saint Augustine FL

(See side bar Video!)

48' Grainger, 1999, Asking $449,000, Savannah GA

47' Lagoon, 2005, Asking $525,000, Brunswick GA

47' Robertson Caine Leopard, 2003, Asking $339,000, Charleston SC

46' Dolphin, 2006, Asking $599,000, Charleston SC

45' Robertson Caine Leopard, 2000, Asking $289,000, LaBelle, FL

44' Saint Francis, 1994, Asking $249,000, Savannah, GA

44' Chris White Trimaran, 2000, Asking $235,000, Fernandina Beach, FL

41' Lagoon, 2001, Asking $369,000, Savannah, GA

38' Lagoon, 2002, Asking $275,000, Charleston, SC

38' Lagoon, 2007, Asking $340,000, Green Cove Springs, FL

38' Fountaine Pajot, 1998, Asking $189,000, Ft. Pierce, FL

36' Fountaine Pajot, 2008, Asking $268, 000, Charleston, SC

33' Seawind, 1998, Asking $155,000, Brunswick, GA

If I missed something please do let me know! If you are searching for a catamaran, Great! Let me know that too!! This list is simply a list of available Catamarans for sale in this area. If you have specific interests in other makes and models, have something to sell and or just want to discuss Catamarans, please feel free to contact me just about any time. Cell 954.821.6450 or email at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hunter 50 CC Sailboat for Sale

Know I did say and other interesting Stuff! A serious offer in the world of mono-hulls!!!

One time offer! You can purchase a 2010 Hunter 50CC designated for the Annapolis Show at a Huge Discount!

That is a retail $500,542 boat with equipment and delivery for $(CALL FOR PRICE) She does have to do the Annapolis Show!

Upon the completion of the end of the show she will be delivered Saint Augustine, commissioned and ready to sail!

If you have any specific interest please contact me as soon as possible as this is a one time offer!mailto:offer! and or feel free to call just about anytime 954-821-6450

Friday, July 31, 2009

Selling your Boat Yacht Sailboats for Sale

SouthEast Sailing & Yachts Selling Solution Strategy

There you are. Standing in front of your treasured yacht tied to the dock at the marina. Thoughts, running through your mind, as to whether it is time to move up or move out, given your current yachting and financial plans.

If you are considering selling, here is a few suggestions that you might want to think about.

Every one who has something to sell generally hopes that they can get the best price on the market for what they have. All too often sellers approach selling having not taken the best steps forward to bring them a quick and efficient, best price, sale.

The first tip is to get an anticipated value for what you have to sell and be realistic. SouthEast Sailing and Yachts can do that for you and it will not cost anything. Our Market Analysis uses the same tools as we use to establish trade in values. Sources include BUC, NADA, Multi-Listed asking prices,, (a broker only site) and our data-base of sold yachts.

Once you have the number, sit back and think about whether are willing to accept the value. Listing and or trying to sell and over-priced item really just frustrates everyone. Remember, that some brokers will accept over-priced listings simply to add another opportunity to their “bag of tricks”.

Cosmetics, Location and Condition: Okay, you have passed that emotional decision to put what you have on the market. There is a whole industry within the Real Estate market of staging property for a more effective and profitable sale. Staging relative to yachts can best be described as “Boat Show Condition”. First, place her in a location that is a marine center for what you have to sell. SouthEast Sailing and Yachts located at Saint Augustine Marine offers a great venue from dockage/storage and a full service boat yard that can handle anything from a survey lift to work once a survey has been completed . Secondly, clean it up! Both, interior and exterior, stage it with just enough “props” to give her a finished appearance. Give her a boat show feel! Consider exterior compound and waxing the hull and deck, prep exterior wood and remove rust stains. We can quote you here at SES-Y. It is important once you have done this to keep it up. If you are absentee, hire a service to check on your yacht and keep it clean, run the systems once in a while to make sure all is as it should be. We can handle any of your service needs.

Finally, photography, pictures tell a thousand words, if you are in an area where we can not get good photo’s, get some one who has the ability to take good photo’s, it is typically the first point a potential buyer will have to see what you are selling

Equipment Representation: Most equipment lists will finally become the working document for survey and conveyance at time of closing. So if you list an item please make sure that it works. If you note a bimini top, make sure that is not the one sitting in the garage with the holes in it, on a broken frame. If you have items that need service and or replacement fix it! Remove out of date equipment, that old Loran C is a liability. Bring safety gear up to spec. Out of date flares just becomes another note in a surveyors report. Do not over do it though, it may simply be better to remove than spend money. Dinghy’s, if it has a motor most states anymore consider it a boat and registration papers are required. No paper? Do not list it. Here is another one, today most surveyors are recommending an oil analysis, change all motor fluids, you do not want a surveyor sucking up some sludge from your motors and sending it off to have a buyer receive a nasty report of all sorts of stuff in the oil. SouthEast Sailing and Yachts works with every customer in getting it just right.

Boat Check: This is a preliminary third party survey accomplished by a surveyor for the purposes of validating the vessel. You are presenting a third party opinion. By attaching this to the marketing it provides a great opportunity for buyers to elevate their confidence level in further pursuing any particular listing. If you wish there are other services that can provide this function, Boat Chek is a good resource. SouthEast Sailing and Yachts believes in this marketing tool so strongly that we offer our Central Agency Listings docked/stored at our facility a flexible payment plan for this service.

Find a good Broker: What does that mean? Besides someone who is willing to work with you as a seller clearing the way to for a quick sale as noted above here are the highlights relative to what we offer here at SouthEast Sailing and Yachts:

Marketing: Marketing muscle with a punch!

Web Presence, we maintain and manage our own website. Our Brokers have the opportunity to do the same. We currently have as many as 3-4 separate URL’s that are constantly monitored for search engine position.

Internet Driven Marketing to include:

Magazine Advertizing:
We have found that national advertizing should be left to the internet, our picks can include:
Boat Trader
Yacht Trader
South Winds.
Latitude and Attitudes

Boat Shows: We feel that it is so important to get out in front of buyers, presenting both new and used can include:

Saint Petersburg

In House Activities:

Email campaigns.
Info Seminars, and Sales Events
Judy’s famous “Stretch” and wonderful evening socials.

Well, now that we have found the customer for your boat, what is next. SouthEast Sailing and Yachts works with every buyer and seller through the process to include:

Sea Trail
Ownership Transfer
Maintenance, repairs and re-fits

All done in a friendly and professional environment.

If you are looking for the right people who understand the process of selling your yacht, SouthEast Sailing and Yachts are the best to have on your CREW!

And that would be me! and you can find me most anytime at 954.821.6450 and

Friday, July 24, 2009

Boat Yacht Finance Best Rates for Catamarans

In a recent interview with Grant Smalling (Pictured to the Left) of Lending Associates the conversation was based around the effective cost of waiting vs. buying relative to boats and yachts.

I asked:
“Grant, recently we discussed the potential impacts to a consumer relative to waiting for "the market" to return versus proceeding with a boat purchase. Could you detail that thought a bit further?”

Grant returned:
“Sure John.
My thoughts start from the position that the sailboat manufacturers have done a good job decreasing production to meet current demand. It also appears that the new sailboat inventory seems to be clearing from dealer stock better than expected. While this is great news for the dealers, the consumer that is waiting to see their portfolios rebound before buying are going to miss out on an opportunity on the current dealer inventory.

Many customers pull cash from the sale of their current stock positions to pay for a boat. Selling stocks now to pay for a boat and taking a loss is a decent argument to waiting to purchase. However consider the other side of the coin. If they buy at today's inventory clearing prices and finance for the next two years while the market continues to regain momentum, they can pay off a loan in a few years and not have to take the current loss on the portfolio sale. The carrying cost over the two years would be the mortgage interest from the yacht loan minus the 2nd home deduction tax credit.

Here's a hypothetical scenario.

Regular Sale Price: 250,000
Clearance Price: 212,500
Savings By Buying Now: $37,500
Loan Amount: 170,000 (20% Down)
Monthly Payment: $1,318
Estimated Interest Over 24 Months: $23,251

That means the net difference between the savings by buying now and the interest carrying cost is $14,249, not counting the 2nd home mortgage interest tax deduction nor the value of boating now and for the next two years. This is a pretty compelling argument to me and I have had many customers tell me that this is a main reason they decided to take advantage of these economic times.”

I returned:
“Grant, well worth the consideration by those who want to go sailing! Your example reflects as much as a 15% reduction in price, unprecedented in the industry. I imagine by acting now one might be able to even better that percentage.

You can probably complicate the issue by waiting in that with the reduced production by the builders it will create in the short run a lack of supply once sales begin to improve. We are seeing the impacts at the builders level. They are further impacted by their suppliers where OEM suppliers have reduced their production, gone out of production or have discontinued select product.. This all adds up to increased cost of the next model year production and that means increased prices when you can and if you get a hull slot.”

Grant furthered:
“Well put John. I can tell you that I am working a few deals now that are boats on order where there is no dealer inventory. Those transactions are not discounted at all due to simple supply demand as the manufacturer is building to order only. This does not take into account the new model year pricing increase as you have noted as well.

I feel like the bottom line is that consumers have an unprecedented opportunity in our business to get a great deal and go sailing now. That window of opportunity is closing and all of the people considering buying are going to say "I'm glad I did, or I wish I had." What may sound like a sales pitch, is actually stating the current reality of this opportunity.”

In summary, for those who have postponed a buying decision based on the anticipation that they are waiting for the "market to get better" you might just find that by financing today's great deals you will be far more ahead of the game by buying today and having the opportunity to be sailing today!

I thank Grant Smalling of Lending Associates for his input, if you would like to review a specific purchase interest with Grant as to the merits of financing your purchase please feel free to contact Grant at: For personalized and confidential service contact Grant Smalling Phone: (866) 723-3991 Email: Member of National Marine Bankers Association

As for me!? I can always be found most anytime by phone 954.821.6450 or via email at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prout 45 S Catamaran for Sale

Prout is building very solid yachts and this one is an unusual stock vessel lying Los Angeles California. She is never titled and is avialable with a 100K USD dicount, now at 579K USD. If you are looking for one of these yachts without waiting for delivery please give me a call as soon as possible.

Prout International now supports building and design in Power Catamarans from 50' to 100' as well as sail catamarans from 50' to 100' all built to bluewater standards. If you have considered a Prout or like quality and are interested in further exploring the purchase and build process please do let me know.

You can find me most anytime at 954-821-6450 or

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

St Francis 48 Catamaran for Sale

Every once in a while, if you have been around the business long enough, you see yachts come and go on the market as these vessel change ownership.

I had the opportunity to preview this St Francis Catamaran a few years ago while she was on the hard in Tortola BVI and she looked just a bit neglected asking 0ver 750K USD.

I had the opportunity, today, to step aboard her in Saint Augustine Florida having heard she was back on the market and have to say she is in fine shape, further she is for sale at an aggresive price of 575K USD. She has been very well taken care of along with some great up-grades along the way. I met with the maintenance fellow who has been taking care of her and can say that she has been in the care of a professional.

If you are looking for a proper world class sailing catamaran please email and or give me a call.

You can find me most anytime at 954-821-6450 or email

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catamaran Year End Clearance Sale

Model Year End "Captain's Sale"A Weekend in Romantic and Historic St. Augustine!Enjoy a Summer Bed & Breakfast ExcursionB&B Discounts! click hereFor Other Details! click here

Looking for a Yacht? Looking for a reason to visit Saint Augustine Florida? Here is a great opportunity to stay in a great town at discounted rates and find your yacht at very discounted rates!!

You will find here at the "Captains Sale", Hunter Never Titled:
Hunter 36 2007
Hunter 38 2007
Hunter 41DS 2009
Hunter 45CC 2009
Hunter 49 2009

Lagoon's offered by The Catamaran Company in Partnership with Brent Hermann and located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Call for specific showing arrangements!
Lagoon 500 2009
Lagoon 440 2009
Lagoon 420 2009
Lagoon 380 2009

We will be updating the list of Brokerage Yachts soon, but if you are looking for Mono-hulls, Catamarans, Power and or Sail, let me know your paramaters and I will be happy to update you as to availability!!

Have something to sell in the area, let me know as we will have dock space available for "Yachts For Sale!!" Sound interesting? Want to book in advance? You can always find me most anytime at Cell 954.821.6450 Ask For John Anderson!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lagoon Catamarans for Sale Summer Specials

Summer Dealer Inventory Specials Abound:
Starting with the Lagoon 500
Four Cabin/Four Head Owners Version

Lagoon 380 S2 Owners Version
Note the Hard Top! Factory installed
Over 500 Built, One great choice!

The Lagoon 420 Owners Version
Both Electric and Diesel Available
Large Cabins

The Lagoon 440 Owners Version
This very successful model offers
a superior view from the Fly Bridge,
but can be operated from an interior
stering station

This dealer inventory primarily is located in Fort Lauderdale, though there is opportunities in the British Virgin Islands. Prices are negotiable.

If you are considering the purchase of one of these models you will never find a time where you can own new at previously owned prices.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime relative to specfic Hull#s, Equipment List and Price.

You can find me most anytime at 954.821.6450, or This offering is provided in partnership with Brent Hermann of The Catamaran Company

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hunter 36 for Sale Hunter Sailboats

As Posted on Ebay this date:
This Auction represents Dealer Inventory lying Saint Augustine Marine, Saint Augustine Florida. Launched and in the water. She is being sold as new with all warranties in place. Having been aboard her just recently shows that she is in perfect shape and ready to go sailing! Other inventory with special pricing: 2007, Hunter 38


Factory Installed Options, Standard Options, and SESY Additional Options MAINSHEET TRAVELER

Any accepted bid MUST be backed up with deposit and Contract within 48 Hours! Terms: It is understood that our contract does allow for personal inspection. Though this is being sold AS IS WHERE IS, the contract does allow for an accept/reject where if rejected the deposit is refundable. I am a licensed and bonded Broker in the State of Florida. So please do feel free to bid with confidence.

Contact: John Anderson 954.821.6450 anytime! Yachting and other Interesting Stuff, My blog

As always feel free to contact me just about any time!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

SouthEast Sailing and Yachts Yachts for Sale and Service

SouthEast Sailing and Yachts of Saint Augustine located in Saint Augustine Marine Florida.

Thank you very much for your interest in the yachting community, I hope the spirit of being on the sea continues for all of us during these changing times. . I work closely with Hunt Bowman and Judy Ginn, Founders of SouthEast Sailing and Yachts.

First, an introduction, I'm John Anderson and work with SouthEast Sailing and Yachts of St. Augustine. We are a regional Hunter Dealer along with a strong Brokerage Company and hope that we can prove to you our dedication when it comes to purchasing and servicing as we have many years of experience working with customers in getting it just right. Being that we are attached to Saint Augustine Marine, one of the premier Boat Yards in the area, we have the opportunity to cover just about any yachting need. You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit us here in St. Augustine most anytime.

Our mission statement is to provide the best customer service and create the best customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding each Yachtsmen"s needs to their fullest extent.
Whether Sail or Power, Multi-Hull or Mono-Hull, we invite you to experience what a straight forward approach to managing yacht purchase, service and parts can mean when Yachting is becoming a privilege and we know that you have made a great commitment to enjoy the Sea and what owning a Yacht.

I remember, now getting on to a few years ago, meeting an Outremer 55' Catamaran at this yard for survey and sea trial and still recognize what a pleasant and professional environment the yard and it's staff presented, its the same and or better and look forward to working with many more Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen who are interested in the same. Thanks for the opportunity!

You can find me most any time at and or 954-821-6450

You can find us at: SouthEast Sailing and Yachts, 400 Riberia Street Unit A, St. Augustine, FL 32084, USA Toll-free (866) 660-2551Tel (904) 824-5770Fax (904) 824-5772

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saint Augustine Bound!!

To all my friends, clients and visitors who I have been in contact with over the years!! Saint Augustine Bound!, well sooner or later every once in a while you have to take that leap of faith and tackle a new project!! This one includes a move to a great area that has one of the best yards on the East Coast.

Whether you are looking for yacht sales, service, assistance in outfitting or re-fitting, this yard has the opportunity to get it just right. Let me have the opportunity to introduce you to what can be done! Please feel free to contact me anytime at or call 954-821-6450

This is a lovely city rich in history with easy access from the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Augustine sits just south of Jacksonville on the intercoastal. So a visit to the yard is easy to get to.

There is so much to do while in town as a wonderful diversion when not working on your yacht. There is alot of both land or water storage if you are intending to leave your yacht whether if for a break from the boat, or if you are interested in selling.

I am looking for a few good listings. If you are considering selling, having your yacht staged in a location that can be accessed conveniently from just about any where in the country. Friendly service in a secure environment. Give me the opportunity to discuss my current market strategy in selling your yacht for an optimum price. 954-821-6450

Looking for a yacht!? I sure would like to discuss your purchase parameters. I am now associated with South East Sailing and Yachts of Saint Augustine representing Hunter Marine and the Brokerage Market both Sail and Power.

As always you can find me most anytime at or call anytime 954-821-6450

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gemini Catamarans For Sale

The Gemini Catamaran is a great yacht for sailing no matter what your interests might be. Whether you are looking for a weekend setting on your favorite fresh water lake, or looking for adventure on the High Seas, this well known catamaran meets or exceeds the possibilites!

Via The Catamaran Company, I now can provide either new or previously owned, for private, fractional or purchase for charter. Please feel free to contact me anytime as to your interests. As our world turns, this by the way is the only production catamaran that can carry the title of "Built in America"!

as always you can find me most anytime @ or 954-821-6450

An Invitation!! Yachties Unite!

For my personal situation, being I guess from Florida, I am inclined to think of our times via an analogy of the perfect storm.

Without the opportunity to truly prepare for the “Hurricane” it has felt like having been broadsided where the only choice was simply to find some shelter and wait out the storm!

In the last few weeks we have noticed some stabilization and it does seem that people are beginning to crawl out from under the “rock” and are beginning to move around. Passed the shock of adjustments in our lives relative to real estate and portfolio values, beginning to organize and move on with a degree of frugality and caution. Know, back to the analogy, is that storm over or have we just entered the “eye” with another round just around the corner. If that is the case so be it! I personally feel like we are in any case a whole bunch more prepared and ready to move on.

So what does all that have to do with yachting? For those who were insulated and are looking for just the right yacht, I applaud you! Let me assist in your yachting plans!

For others, maybe having to look for other employment or extending their need to continue to work beyond intended retirements, maybe it is time to look at alternative choices in continuing the opportunity to get out on the water. In our hectic lives taking a moment for recreation is essential. One might consider, Fractional Ownership, Purchase for Charter, Club Memberships or at minimum Chartering. We do still need to have fun and relax occasionally!

The Invitation! Yachties, Unite!

The Catamaran Company is preparing to have a great weekend May 2nd and 3rd, both here in Fort Lauderdale and in Annapolis Maryland where the venue is for our friends and customers to gather to talk about sailing, review new products and discuss the opportunities in purchasing. If you have opportunity, this will be a great time to re-connect with the market and take advantage of a day or so to discuss your yachting interests.

For those who would like to attend the Fort Lauderdale Event please feel free to contact myself , John Anderson 954-821-6450 or for the Annapolis Event, my Associate Mike Stevens 410-533-5147

If you can’t make the party!, both Mike and I have worked up some great presentations where we know can provide individual and or group internet shared demonstrations and detailed explanations via software provided by Mikogo, the phone or Skype. There are great choices available in Lagoon and Gemini New Yacht Purchases as well as previously owned yachts. We hope that you take the time to discuss how we can best assist in your yachting plans!

Thank you for your consideration.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interesting Stuff! Internet Presentations

There are always new tools that become avialable to enhance our ability to communicate via the internet. I have recently added to my "tool bag" and have found it a great way to better discuss any related subject that is relevant to yacht sales. Whether presenting a charter budget, fractional programs, previews of yachts to current new model innovations this is a great tool to have available. Try it! You will like it and it does not cost anything! At least at the moment.

I would be happy to review with you what might be of interest via mikogo and the world of Catamarans!

As always, you can find me most any time at or feel free to call 954-821-8450

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boat Yacht Bank Repo and Salvage

8/3/2012 Bank Repo's and Salvage has become pretty difficult to find in Today's Market. There on the other hand are distressed catamarans for sale, at any one given time or another. Currently in the Shipyard here in St Augustine I do have the following:
1999 Gemini Catamaran for Sale: Needs Motor and Clean-up..
1993 Prout 39 Escale Catamaran for Sale: Windows are currently in the process of replacement, will need interior wood work and cosmetics...
2002 Custom 47 Grand Sud Catamaran for Sale: Would make a great Day Charter Catamaran for Sale though not a US BUILT USCG Ceritfied VESSEL... Need a home outside of the states... Multiple trans-atlantic Crossings. Contact John Anderson 954-821-6450 with your current purhcase paramaeters...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Leopard Catamarans for Sale

Leopard 42 Catamaran for Sale 2004 Owners 3 Cab Asking 329K USD
This vessel has just recently been listed, located Georgia, very well equipped! Excellent Condition! Call 954-821-6450 Ask for John Anderson for an appointment!  

2/10/2013 MIAMI BOAT SHOW 2013, attending the Show? Compare the New Lagoon Releases this year, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 400S2 and the New Lagoon 52 Catamarans for Sale!, with the Great Releases for Leopard Catamarans for Sale... Ask about our PURCHASE FOR CHARTER OPPORTUNITIES! SAMPLE BUDGET LINK Where can you find me? MIAMI SHOW LINK John Anderson 954-821-6450

8/2/2012 (2) New Entries in Leopard 40 Owner's Version Catamarans for Sale! A 2010 Asking 329 K USD and a 2007 Asking 309 K USD. Both located East Coast of the United States! Please call or email as a Good Value does not last long!

7/7/2012 SOLD! First half 2012 sales Leopard Catamarans for Sale included this noted Leopard 38 other sales inlcuded Leopard 39 and a Beautiful Leopard 40 Whether buying or selling your Leopard Catamaran for Sale Please Contact Me John Anderson 954-821-6450

3/3/2012 New Listing Leopard Robertson and Caine Leopard 38 1999/2000 Catamaran for Sale Contact me if you are looking for a well maintained cruising Catamaran for Sale! Utube video Just Posted
Well, guess you thought that I only sold Lagoons! If you have a desire for a South African build, the Robertson Caine boats are probably the most popular. Leopard Catamarans for sale, without a question, have surfaced as the best build outside of the popular French Builders. Over the years the Leopard Robertson Caine line has included 38 40 42 43 46 and now just recently the new 44 that is quite a statement in design relative to catamarans for sale.

This is a good time to buy a Leopard if you are willing to consider a phased- out charter boat and a good price. Why? Each year Moorings and Sunsail complete their obligations to owners and use this end of high season time to release and turn-over the end of term Yachts to their owners. Many of these owners have chosen to do typically one of three things. First, met there goals in life and are ready to go sailing! Second, Have not gotten there, have enjoyed their purchase for charter arrangements and are "rolling" over into a new Catamaran for another 4/5 years. Finally, third, had a great time and are ready to sell. In either of the last two choices there often are great opportunities to puchase either in trades and or serious sellers.

Ready to buy!? I know the people involved, the locations and services for those locations. Let's go shopping! As always you can find me most any time @ Phone: 954-821-6450

Lagoon Catamarans for Sale It's a Party!

On May 2nd and 3rd both in Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale we are planning an informational and a great opportunity to purchase extravaganza!! Your invited! I, myself, John Anderson will be receiving guests here in Fort Lauderdale and my associate Michael Stevens will be fielding the Annapolis Event. Please let us know as soon as possible as to whether you will be able to attend!

Exciting news From the Catamaran Company. Due to high demand we will be hosting our very own boat show and you can choose the location either Annapolis or Fort Lauderdale

Enjoy a full day packed with seminars, tours, music, and drinks for absolutely free of cost. Its our method in showing our appreciation to our current and future customers

If you are currently in the market join us on this informative and interactive display.

Seminars will be conducted throughout the day on board a Lagoon. Expand you research knowledge come with questions we have the best brokers to provide you with answers.

Plan on purchasing in the next couple of months? Test Sail a Lagoon or Gemini that weekend. Book today otherwise there might not be anymore space available.

Always wanted to learn how to sail well now’s your chance take this opportunity to learn to float away.

Looking for a stimulus relief? Here's our stimulating offer

We have a wide selection of vessels on display with Special Spring Sale Killer Deals
If you plans are to cruise on a Lagoon for vacation we will have specials for the weekend only! Dont hesitate

This affair filled with free happy hour and live entertainment wont be the same without our loyal customers. Please this make this event a memorable one and sail away with the vessel of your dream.

And as always you can find me most any time @ 954-821-6450

Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't forget to Reef that Cat!!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Amazing Matrix

Here you go, this is one fantastic yacht! I have seen her around in the Caribbean, but had the opportunity to really visit during the Miami Show. Fit, finish and concept is amazing! She is a great charter machine bringing close to 45K USD per week. Currently Hull#4 is available and very well appointed for 3.7MM EURO. There are not alot of capable parties but if you are looking for a larger catamaran private/charter/fractional, please do let me know!

Matrix Yachts produces the futuristic 76ft Silhouette catamaran that offers unrivalled luxury. The design boasts a magnificent master suite of spectacular dimensions as normally reserved for large motor yachts. It is one of the few yachts with a full fly bridge providing ample entertainment space and a vantage area with commanding 360 degree views. Due to its simple self tacking sail layout it needs only the minimum number of crew to safely manage the yacht. Throughout its construction modern composite materials are used to exacting standards.

The good performance, stability, unique styling and attractiveness of Silhouette 760 will have great appeal to both the discerning private owner and charter yacht operator alike.
You can also view her via seeyacht!
Seriously enjoy, if I can offer any assistance in discussing her capabilites as a yacht, a yacht for profit and or a partnership, please contact me via email or cell 954.821.6450.
and as always you can find me most any time at

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Considering Selling!!

Sooner or later,, it is a three year cycle!!!

Every one who has something to sell generally hopes that they can get the best price on the market for what they have. I have watched all too often sellers approach selling having not taken the best steps forward to bring them a quick and efficient, best price, sale.

The first tip is to get an anticipated value for what you have to sell and be realistic. I can do that for you and it will not cost anything. I use the same tools as we use to establish trade in values. Sources include BUC, NADA, Multi-Listed asking prices,, (a broker only site) and if you are selling a catamaran our data-base of sold yachts. At least as far as catamarans, though there has been some impact due to the economy, we have had the luxury of not experiencing huge de-valuations of selling prices.

Once you have the number, sit back and think about whether are willing to accept the value. Listing and or trying to sell and over-priced item really just frustrates everyone. Remember, that some brokers will accept over-priced listings simply to add another opportunity to their “bag of tricks”.

Cosmetics, Location and Condition: Okay, you have passed that emotional decision to put what you have on the market. There is a whole industry within the Real Estate market of staging property for a more effective and profitable sale. Staging relative to yachts can best be described and first, place her in a location that is a marine center for what you have to sell. Catamarans can be best served in areas such as Annapolis MD., Fort Lauderdale FL. and possibly the British Virgin Islands. Secondly, clean it up! Both, interior and exterior, stage it with just enough “props” to give her a finished appearance. Give her a boat show feel! Consider exterior compound and waxing the hull and deck, prep exterior wood and remove rust stains. It is important once you have done this to keep it up. If you are absentee, hire a service to check on your yacht and keep it clean, run the systems once in a while to make sure all is as it should be. Finally, photography, pictures tell a thousand words, if you are in an area where I can not get good photo’s, get some one who has the ability to take good photo’s, it is typically the first point a potential buyer will have to see what you are selling

Equipment Representation: Most equipment lists will finally become the working document for survey and conveyance at time of closing. So if you list an item please make sure that it works. If you note a bimini top that is not the one sitting in the garage with the holes in it, on a broken frame. If you have items that need service and or replacement fix it! Remove out of date equipment, that old Loran C is a liability. Bring safety gear up to spec. Out of date flares just becomes another note in a surveyors report. Do not over do it though, it may simply be better to remove than spend money. Dinghy’s, if it has a motor most states anymore consider it a boat and registration papers are required. No paper? Do not list it. Here is another one, today most surveyors are recommending an oil analysis, change all motor fluids, you do not want a surveyor sucking up some sludge from your motors and sending it off to have a buyer receive a nasty report of all sorts of stuff in the oil.

Cat Check, Boat Check: Today I can offer for our listings a service called Cat Check. This is a preliminary third party survey accomplished by a surveyor for the purposes of validating the vessel. You are presenting a third party opinion. By attaching this to the marketing it provides a great opportunity for buyers to elevate their confidence level in further pursuing any particular listing. If you wish there are other services that can provide this function, Boat Chek is a good source.

Find a good Broker: Now, from my stand point that would be me! If you are following my tips you will find that I can provide you with the best representation in today’s market. The Catamaran Company has the absolute best marketing machine to present your yacht to more potential buyers than anyone in the world. I am a bit selective in that I prefer to represent seller’s who are interested in selling their yachts, not testing the market. If you are selling a item that is too far away or not in our product mix, I would still be happy to discuss a strategy

I hope this has been helpful for some. It is not a complete guide of all that one needs to prepare for when selling. There is paperwork considerations relative to title transfer, contract negotiations, surveys and sea trials. I am looking for a few good listings and more than willing to discuss selling with all interested. Feel free to contact me most any time 954-821-6450

As always you can find me most any time at

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Great Video!!!

Here is a video about Lagoon Catamarans I thought all might find interesting!

History of
Lagoon Catamarans

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Further News from Lagoon!! 400 Catamarans for Sale

March 9, 2009 Nick Harvey of Lagoon America updated me as to the new release of the Lagoon 400 due to splash by mid-summer. I really have to say that this new model is impressive. Here is a brief summary of what I picked up on as truly great new design.

Lagoon 400

· Extended and more handrails for safe movement onto and around the deck.
· Easy transom access by inside cut-aways built into the transom, along with
· Integrated cockpit hardtop, with just a number of great features to include access to the helm from inside the cockpit, all lines lead to the helm, a great walk-around via the transom deck, a wonderful cockpit arrangement to include a very functional seating to starboard with a true wet-bar, seating to port which can be seating as well as storage if you wish.
· The ability to fit the new square top mainsail adding an additional 8% of area increasing performance overall by 15%
· Inside? A very workable, modern galley, with a built in stove up and proper room for microwave. Increased galley space to include a well for dishes to dry with a built in drain.
· A forward facing navigation station capable of handling state of the art electronics.
· Now each cabin has it’s own head and shower, with considerable storage and comfortable quarters. Room for the washer/dryer and what owners are looking for in amenities.

There is so much to tell about this story, I would be happy to discuss further the details, feel free to call or write to further discuss.

I can tell you that at a base price of $365,000, she is very competitively priced and for those who are ready to go!! There may be a hull or two available at the original promotional release of $349,000.. By the way all photos are credited to: "Lagoon Photo Library - Nicolas Claris".

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Friday, March 6, 2009

An addition to your Buyers Guide!

The purchase of a pleasure yacht represents for most people a substantial investment, similar to the purchase of a house. Unlike a car or other machine, a vessel may last for decades. Options to repower and upgrade electronics make the fiberglass boat an item of indefinite duration with older, classic styles often preferred to shiny new models. A pleasure yacht often becomes a very personal, "living thing" with memories attached to it. Yachts, because of their high cost and their mobility , are also subject to many laws and regulations which the purchaser may not be aware of.

There is no simple checklist of things to do and avoid in the purchase of a yacht. The intended use of the boat and the financial circumstances of the buyer are the main guidelines but many variables will still be involved. As in everything else, planning is very important. Unfortunately, however, the excitement of a new toy and the sales pressure of brokers often prevents a buyer from a careful analysis of the options. The following is only a general guideline of the various steps involved before and after the purchase of a yacht. For specific advice, it is recommended that a purchaser choose a qualified, licensed yacht broker who may suggest the consultation of a attorney and a accountant familiar with yacht ownership given your current parameters of purchase.

The first thing a potential yacht owner should do is to decide the type and size of boat he can afford and will be comfortable with. While this concept may seem obvious, it actually cannot be stressed enough. The choice of boat should be determined by the specific needs and intended use (racing, casual cruising, extended cruising, investment, charter, tax shelter, second home, liveaboard, etc.). The prospective purchaser should know exactly what he wants to do with the vessel he is purchasing. Not only is a certain type of yacht unsuitable for certain uses but the legal, financial, insurance and other requirements may be different. Certain yachts are difficult or impossible to insure as are certain skippers without experience or with negative information on their records. Certain vessels may not be insured for certain voyages. If co-ownership is considered, the time to plan for it is before purchasing the yacht.

A sales contract is not a step to be bypassed, particularly where the yacht is an expensive one. Many things must be covered in a sales agreement. Among the various issues, you must make sure that you have the right to get the boat surveyed. If purchasing an old boat you may decide to accept certain defects and not others. A clause for post survey negotiations should be included. You should know exactly which equipment is included. You may want to make the sale subject to financing. In some cases, when selling one boat and buying another you may want to make the purchase subject to the sale of your other boat. Other items to be covered in a contract are the hull or identification number; place of delivery of the boat; terms of payment; liability for loss before and after delivery.

Financing the boat has consequences that go well beyond the avoidance of cash outlays. Tax laws allow for the deduction of interest on certain loans. In many cases, interest on a loan on a yacht that can be used as a second home (or first home for that matter) may be tax deductible. Again, certain boats qualify as "second homes" while others, usually very small ones, do not. Financing a boat also means complying with the many requirements of a lender. For example, a lender may require that a yacht be kept at a marina and be covered by hull insurance. But someone with a free mooring contemplating the purchase of an old boat may not be interested in complying with the requirements of a lender if such requirements would make yacht maintenance unreasonably expensive. For a more detailed discussion of ship mortgages, please refer to the chapter on the purchase and sale of vessels.

United States law offers two types of vessel identification: registration and documentation. The difference between state registration and Coast Guard documentation is meaningful only for certain uses of a yacht. Federal documentation makes sense for those traveling overseas and in international waters because it carries more weight than state registration. It also simplifies matters for those who use the boat in two or more different states for several months at the time. Further, most lending institutions require Federal Documentation as that place to attach a first preferred mortgage. Insurance carriers often require documentation for large yachts. Federal documentation, however, does not relieve the owner of the sales tax liability in the state where the yacht is used. The procedure to document a vessel, although recently streamlined, still presents much more paperwork than state registration. Documentation Agents and Attorneys provide services for this purpose at flat fees depending on the complexity of ownership. Owners of larger yachts may find that "flagging" a vessel offshore may have overall advantages that these agents and or attorneys are "schooled" in advisement. The purchase of a yacht presents a complication which is not encountered in real estate and automobile acquisitions. In that yachts are globally mobile having the right team on your side during the purchase process is paramount. A qualified yacht broker, as a service, should have the ability to provide that team, from finance, insurance, to surveyors and documentation services to make for a smooth and professional transition to your ownership.

Vessel insurance refers to two types of coverage: hull and indemnity. In other words, one covers the value of the yacht and the other the liability of the owner. The difference between "boat insurance" and "yacht insurance" is that in yacht insurance you get what is known as "agreed value". In case of loss, no depreciation is taken. Virtually all new vessels carry insurance while many older boats do not. As some skippers put it, "it's a better investment to put the premium money in an extra anchor". Insurance options are almost unlimited. Certain boats are uninsurable as are certain blue water passages or certain destinations. In the end, where the purchaser obtains free title to a yacht, it will be his call to determine what type of insurance, if any, is appropriate.

Most insurance companies require a survey. A survey is also a good way to locate potential problems. Not all surveyors are alike, however. Check the references of the marine surveyor, such as accreditation by SAMS or other organizations. One thing to keep in mind is that accreditation by a surveyors' organization does not provide any guarantees. In the event of mistakes by a surveyor which lead to the purchase of a defective vessel, the only real comfort will be an error and omissions policy covering the surveyor. Also, remember that surveyors have specialties such as rigging, fiberglass hulls, aluminum hulls, power or sail, etc.

If the plan is to charter out the yacht, appropriate arrangements should be made and a business plan should be prepared. Most charter companies, for example, do not take older or small boats into their fleets. This information should be on hand before a yacht is purchased. The financial and tax consequences of placing a yacht into charter service can also be significant. An accountant should be retained prior to making a final decision. Not every accountant maintains an expertise in this facet of the tax law. When choosing your Yacht Broker, clarify that he has these resources on his team.

As in the case of a charter, sharing the yacht is a decision which will seriously affect the use of the yacht. Along with the sharing of expenses, a sharing arrangement also calls for the assignment of rights and duties of the co-owners. Finding a partner for the ownership of a yacht is akin to finding a roommate. There is no substitute for the search of a compatible person with a compatible schedule and needs. But certain rules should be in writing in the form a co-ownership agreement. The agreement should spell out how and where the yacht is to be kept and used, how it will be financed and insured, who will provide the maintenance, who and when will use it, a conflict resolution clause and other items.

Buying a yacht should be a positive experience. Having the right team ensures the best results. We here at JGA Yachting can provide that team! Call 954-821-6450 Email

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Monday, March 2, 2009

What can a Buyer's Agent do for You!

There comes a time where the opportunity to purchase a new or used yacht falls outside the normal process, where a salesman, designer/builder and or broker can or should provide traditional services to a buyer in the execution of agreements and final purchase of a yacht. Worldwide opportunities exist today, more than any other time in the yachting industry, to purchase new construction, inventory and or previously owned yachts where a buyer has the need of service rather than salesmanship when it comes to buying what truly meets the buyers interests and needs.

In market places where custom yachts have become more prevalent whether partial construction, new construction of existing design or “from the drawing board” new construction, it becomes very important that the management of such a purchase requires the skills of professionals who understand the aspects of that purchase. A buyer is best served by hiring that service rather than have it buried in the cost of the product as a commission and or fee.

Some previously owned purchases may better be served under the same philosophy as well, depending on the circumstances. There are more and more occasions where a buyer may have found a yacht they maybe interested in purchasing, but would prefer to hire a buyer’s agent rather than recognize that a commission is simply being paid by a seller, or possibly where there is no broker’s representation a buyer may prefer the service rather than try and complete the transaction without council and advisement.

Each potential transaction will dictate the specific services rendered, therefore the percentage agency fees may vary. Services can include but are not exclusive to:

Organization of Design Review, Coordinating and Advisement in Specification Review

Verification of Equipment List and Review Decision of the Classification Society

Warranty Review

Terms of Repairs

Contract Negotiation

Definition of Payment Schedules

Escrow Services

Inspection services

Coordination of Performance Trials

Expediting Delivery Time

Verification of Delivery Documents

Arbitration Advisement

Flagging Advisement

Coordination of Delivery

Advisement of after Delivery Management, Charter Management and Crew Placement

Advisement in Charter Marketing and Contract Review

A buyer’s agent has the responsibility to coordinate, advise, and represent the buyer during the purchasing process to the closing. Whether a project is large or small, a program can be tailored to meet your needs. Independent consultative services in specific areas can be quoted separately.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Fractionals, an interesting concept in Yachts!

Here is a recent article submitted for publishing:

Just about any tangible asset has the possibility of being held in a partneship or LLC for the purposes of rights to usage, offering the opportunity to distribute the total cost of ownership via the shareholders.
Fractionalizing a Multi-Hull is one of those assets that works. In that a growing number of individuals do not have the time or resources to maintain a yacht independantly, sharing makes perfect sense.
Let’s, first, define, the fractional alternative. We all look forward to the opportunity to go sailing, dropping the hook in that perfect anchorage, enjoying the sea and sand with good friends and family. One can do this by owning a yacht, chartering a yacht, possibly club membership in a yacht group, or in this case owning a share with other shareholders for that same opportunity. A fractional allows for pride of ownership, with the initial capital cost/operational costs of ownership defrayed by the percentage of ownership that one has in any yacht, but, know up front what you are getting into.
Why this alternative? There will always be that group of yachtsmen who will own yachts privately and commercially for their own personal/corporate satisfaction. I applaud them and look forward to working with those individuals in finding the right yacht to meet their specific needs!! What we are finding though, is that the cost of ownership continues to spiral as marina properties turn toward real estate developers, insurance costs continue to increase in attempts to cover losses due to over active hurricane seasons and potential owners find that they have less and less time available to manage the requirements of yacht ownership and still have the time for owner usage.

This is not a new concept. I have watched a number of attempts come and go over the years and here is a few comments you might be interested in knowing. Jet fractionals are much easier in that really one is buying space to meet the objective of getting from one place to another where conventional airlines just do not meet the needs or at least not within the parameters of the fractional owners. Typically, in yachts, the offerings are too difficult to narrow to meet any one group of owners interests, multiple manufactures, multiple lay-outs, equipment options and location of operation. This has made the execution of completed fractionals a bit challenging. Here is a few tips.
Involve those you know with common interests, it is far easier to work with a group of people or shareholders that you already know or come from an area of common interests. Family, work, the community and club affiliations are great places to establish the basis of shareholders who will work together in a partnership. This is not absolutely necessary in that there are many others who have the common interest of sailing and yacht ownership, even if you can bring another party or two that you know to the “party” it does make it a bit more simple to put the packages together. Location, Location, Location, choosing the base of operation a clearly great place that offers qualified services, and a great itinerary for sailing/usage is a key to success.
There are a few key points that need to be reviewed as you consider the different offerings:

1. COSTS Generally each fractional program consists of Capital Cost, monthly maintenance and management as well as potential variable costs typically related to usage, i.e. fuel, transient dockage, provisioning, possibly the Captain depending on the yacht and size. Ownership is generally in shares of an LLC and usually has an end of term date where the vessel is sold and residual returns are distributed back to the shareholders. Each program identifies the number of shares per the LLC agreement, this can vary from typically (4) to as many as (10) based on yacht size.
Lets use the Lagoon 500...So, lets do an example of costs, given a Lagoon 500 where the complete price delivered say to the Caribbean complete with dinghy/outboard and the linens in place currently will cost approximately 1,100,000 USD. A 1/5th share equals 220,000 USD. The operating costs are as follows:


Fixed Monthly Expenses annualized:
Management Fee $18,000
Dockage: $11,400
Dock Water $288
Dock Electricity $1,800
Annual Expenses:
Parts & Maintenance$38,582

Annual Expenses:

Haul & Bottom Job and Hull Wax$3,750
Insurance $24,252
Licenses and Permits Fixed $900
Total Operating Expenses, $98,972

Fractional Cost per Share holders 1/5th Ownership Annualized$19,794.40

Please be aware that there are normally usage turnaround fees attached to your usage.

Where the shareholders elect a limited charter option, each shareholder will have the opportunity to place weeks of usage into the LLC's charter pool of weeks. This can range as each sees fit relative to their intended usage from one year to the next. Depending on the number of weeks chartered each shareholder shall be credited back against their account by the percentage of weeks chartered.

The charter option could generate as sufficient return annually to cover the annual operating expenses. Of course this is completely a function as to your usage of allocated weeks available to you and what you have committed to the charter pool.

2. USAGE This will vary depending on the number of shares, downtime for maintenance and delivery time if to be operated out of multiple locations, usually established in the offerings. Usage in some arrangements may be sold for income where a charter opportunity exists within the program.

3. LOCATIONS Typically pre-defined for booking purposes by the owners.

4. YACHT TYPE Typically new yachts, though there are the possibilities of a used yacht where there is an agreed upon Fractional opportunity to present.. There is a wide spectrum of choices from luxury yachts as mentioned via the Lagoon 500 to a great opportunity in a Performance Cruising Gemini 105 for as little as 40,000 USD as an initial capital cost and 500 USD per month as an operating expense, given 1/5th ownership, plus turn-around fees located in great locations such as the Chesapeake or the Florida Keys.

These are the basics. Each offering needs to be considered in detail in that very few are operated in the same fashion. There are potential finance options, there is the potential of tax advantages. Each must be taken into consideration separately and legal and tax advise is recommended in any case prior to proceeding to any purchase. Be sure that agreements include clauses as to terminations and re-sells as well as how an owners default is handled within the Partnership or LLC. End of term agreements as to extensions and how the asset will be liquidated just adds to the comfort level of knowing what happens from the beginning to the end. In that the trick is to fill a complete yacht by the parameters of the offering, most offerings are presented without an ordered or pre-purchased yacht, therefore refundable deposits, time dated are often taken be sure that these terms are understood and what the requirements are once a complete group of shareholders have been assembled.

Fractional Yacht Ownership is a very valid alternative to conventional yacht ownership. Having the right team on your side to put together the packages that will create a positive experience is paramount.
As Always, you can find me most anytime at