Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boat Yacht Bank Repo and Salvage

8/3/2012 Bank Repo's and Salvage has become pretty difficult to find in Today's Market. There on the other hand are distressed catamarans for sale, at any one given time or another. Currently in the Shipyard here in St Augustine I do have the following:
1999 Gemini Catamaran for Sale: Needs Motor and Clean-up..
1993 Prout 39 Escale Catamaran for Sale: Windows are currently in the process of replacement, will need interior wood work and cosmetics...
2002 Custom 47 Grand Sud Catamaran for Sale: Would make a great Day Charter Catamaran for Sale though not a US BUILT USCG Ceritfied VESSEL... Need a home outside of the states... Multiple trans-atlantic Crossings. Contact John Anderson 954-821-6450 with your current purhcase paramaeters...

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  1. I'm interested in a distressed catamaran. I am looking for something near 40' with twins working or no . I'm OK with hull and engine repair . Bob 360-852-2992