Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catamaran Friendly Boat Yards Florida USA an Up Date

I am always looking for Catamaran friendly Boat Yards and just recently had the opportunity to visit Port Canaveral Marine and was very impressed with the fact that they have a rather new facility. Erik Nelson, VP, in a conversation said “We love Catamarans”. With their 110 Ton lift extra wide, they can pull Catamarans up to 30’ wide. Erik further noted that” Our Service yard can assist you in your engine repairs, generator repairs, electrical, storage of your boat in our dry storage or wet slips, bottom painting, haul outs, parts purchasing, and more!”

Port Canaveral, just a piece down the waterway from the St Augustine Catamaran Center, just adds another opportunity to have your catamaran for sale and or serviced in the Central/North East Florida area.

If you have an interest in further details as to Catamaran friendly Boat Yards, here in this area and or possibly looking for suggestions in other areas, please, as always I am available just about anytime (954)821.6450

By the way, you can always take a cruise while the boat is being worked on!! Click to enlarge, the Carnival Dream Port Canaveral!

Gemini Catamaran Owner Creativity!

8/03/2012 New Beginings are in the Wind! In the interim, Great Deals Abound! New, Like New and Previously Owned Selections of Gemini Catamarans for Sale are available as never before! Contact me John Anderson at The Catamaran Company for a current list of Today's current choices. 954-821-6450 or

With over 1000 Gemini Catamarans from Florida to around the World, sailing and for sale, I find it always a pleasure to talk to owners and review the art of fitting out a Gemini Catamaran for usage from weekend sailing to bluewater cruising. One does not have to spend 100’s and 100’s of thousands of dollars to enjoy the sea in a catamaran.

When I open the first discussions with any new customer I always like to make the comment that there will be three issues that will make the experience of purchasing a boat a positive experience.

1. The Boat. Often I find people dwelling too much as to exactly what boat they have to have to get started, obviously, it is important with a number of parameters based on the number traveling, budgets, etc., but please don’t forget that,
2. The Itinerary. Where you go, the people that you meet, the waters that you sail, are as important as the boat itself. One time, having had a bad experience can take the pleasure out of the entire adventure whether it is yours or the one you are with., And finally,
3. The Systems. I have found that to enjoy your time on the water is very much tied to having the boat meet your expectations while in use. As an example, if having an ice cube in your cocktail at Sunset is very important then refrigeration or an ice maker is real important to have aboard. Knowing what systems you want makes up the complete package then relative to a great adventure.

Gemini Catamaran Owners have taken to the idea, and I always enjoy what they have done to their boats to make them comfortable relative to systems relative to itinerary. In the photo you can see a great davit and arch arrangement to handle a good size Dinghy, Solar Panels misc. Antennas, along with Speakers for a Sound System. Additional hand holds and a nice enclosure for the weather. These are just a few of the amenities that this owner added to thier Gemini to support creating that great adventure.

So make sure that when you are looking to purchase that you balance all the issues when it comes to making just the right choice. I encourage other Gemini Owners to forward some of their creatative ideas, I would be happy to post!

We do have a full service yard here in St Augustine via our service center SouthEast Sailing and Yachts. Come visit and discuss your dreams whether you are interested in buying or further fitting out your Catamaran at the St Augustine Catamaran Center. I am, as always, available just about anytime (954) 821.6450 or

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sailing South for the Bahamas in Catamarans

Here is a Privilege 42 Catamaran not for sale, but just arrived for a bit of needed maintenance! I sold Robin and Cheryl Wilson their Privilege 42 Catamaran a few years back and they have enjoyed the travel and live aboard world of sailing very much! Originally from Canada, we met and worked with their yacht search, to find that a rather unusual owners version Privilege 42 Catamaran was just to their liking.

S/V “Just Imagine” along with sailing cat “Shadow” has know traveled from Fort Lauderdale up into the Great Lakes back down to winter in the Bahamas, back to the Chesapeake and are know returning to Georgetown Exuma Bahamas for another winter season! They are always happy to say Hello and are always so willing to show off their lovely Privilege 42 Catamaran, so if you run across them along the way feel free to say Hi to the gang aboard “Just Imagine”.

Robin and Cheryl stopped in St Augustine here at our facilities at St Augustine Marine a catamaran friendly service yard, for inspection of the running gear!

Hey this is supposed to be Florida!! Sorry but got caught in the January Winter Freeze of 2010! It was great seeing Robin and Cheryl and getting caught up to date as to travels, plans and listening to adventures!

If I can ever assist in your yacht search plans!, you can find me just about anytime (954)-821-6450 or email located here in St Augustine Florida, traveling the globe to find folks just the right yacht! Best Price for the Best Condition! I work for you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Catamaran Yards Hauls and Storage Time to Think Ahead for the Summer

Catamaran Yards Hauls and Storage, Time to Think Ahead for the Summer 2010! While everyone is off enjoying the warm weather from the Bahamas to the Keys and Caribbean it is never too early for making plans for summer storage, developing that Hurricane plan, and or look for that Hurricane Hole to nestle into if you are not planning to head to the lower Caribbean or up North for the summer.
In talking recently with our local insurance agent here in St Augustine it does seem that we, on a selective basis, might have some easing of rates for hurricane season up here in North Florida. Without a question by crossing over the Florida border into South Georgia. Here is an interesting chart of Hurricane History over the past 100 years from 1899-1999. Though it would be foolish to say that North Florida is not susceptible to Hurricanes, with the Gulf Stream heading further offshore and the Florida Peninsula exposed to the south there is the fact that North Florida and South Georgia just might be a better place to hang out for the summer season.
I would like to make the offer to discuss your catamaran needs for yards hauls and storage in North Florida here at The St Augustine Catamaran Center. Along the San Sebastian River just minutes from the ICW and Atlantic Ocean, we have both wet and dry storage facilities at very reasonable rates. We can offer a complete set of full marine services to include monthly maintenance for catamarans left in long term summer storage. Without a question the best Brokerage Service whether buying and or selling.
It is time to begin to think ahead, please feel free to call or write relative to our serivces, looking at other locations? We surely can help in most any arrangements from the East Coast through the Caribbean. You can, as always, find me just about anytime at (954) 821- 6450 or email

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Serious Listings Wanted!

Catamaran Listings Wanted! Plug that Hole! If you are finding that it is just time to move up and or move out, and selling your catamaran is a good next step, then please do look to myself, John Anderson to bring the results you are looking for! I am looking for just a few good listings where I can direct the right effort to getting the job done. Why? you might ask.. Your listing is represented by not just myself, but most importantly The Catamaran Company of Fort Lauderdale. We can offer down right Great Representation in the Brokerage Market whether Buying and or Selling a Previously Owned Catamaran. In this world you want to have the confidence of working with the best! 20 Years in the business of Catamarans only, over 100 Catamarans SOLD 2009 Worldwide. There is just not one better resource available today that has the marketing muscle and the staff behind it to provide the full service required not just to find a customer but follow through the details and get those dollar's into your pocket.
That's why you can find me just about anytime 954-821-6450 or email ready and waiting to meet you selling needs!

A Fresh Bottom to Start the New Year!

Always worth getting that Cat hauled every once in a while for a Fresh Coat of paint! You can use that time for underwater inspections and possibly take the opportunity to add below the waterline those items that will add amenities that you have been looking forward to, that air conditioning thru hull etc…

Here is an example of a Maine Cat 30 out of the water. I have sailed them, but it was good to see just how shoal draft they really are once out of the water. Though this one is not for sale, if you are looking for a Maine Cat 30 for sale, or have one that you might want to sell or list please do let me know!

You can find me just about anytime at 954-821-6450 or email

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't Leave Home Without it!

Saint Augustine Catamaran Center Service Update!

They are not necessarily pretty, not a fun expense and or water toy, but when things go to crap, nice to have one and one that works. Though Catamarans are one of the safest vessels on the water today and have buoyancy built in the concept and construction there is no better insurance than having a quality life raft aboard.

Saint Augustine Catamaran Center via it’s service organization SouthEast Sailing and Yachts is an authorized sales center for Viking Life Rafts. These rafts are ISO 9650-1 certified, ISAF approved and third party verified by Bureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas.

New Features for 2010

The fluorescent yellow canopy enhances visibility from a distance, and is easier seen in bad weather and foggy conditions. Fluorescent yellow is chosen as it is a great contrast colour to grey and dark blue - the colours of the sea. The material is further certified according to the High Visibility Norm EN471 for traffic visibility.

Two windows with curtains provide a view of the horizon which minimizes seasickness. Further, windows enhance the chance of survival as users can look out in search of rescuers without opening the liferaft and risking cooling down.

The blue inner lining calms and reduces seasickness. It is required for SOLAS liferafts and is transferred to this liferaft to enhance comfort.

The improved RescYou™ Pro has a handle placed above the boarding ramp to facilitate easy and quick boarding.

Here at Saint Augustine Catamaran Center we are happy to discuss sizing, merits of Container vs. Valise, methods of mounting and covers. Already have one? We can work with you in having her inspected. As always, you can find me just about anytime at 954-821-6450 or email

Monday, January 4, 2010

Catamaran Friendly Dockage at St. Augustine Municipal Marina Florida USA

News Update: St. Augustine Catamaran Center
In 2010, it will be my intent to introduce just a few of the great places in town that are very much Catamaran friendly relative to a number of services to include dockage and storage.

Nestled in the heart of St. Augustine, just south of the Historic Bridge of Lions in the city's historic district, is a true treasure for anyone traveling the Intracoastal Waterway: the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.

This ideal location provides a picturesque and convenient harborage for both sail and power boats with a friendly and helpful staff that is on duty 24/7 year round. Fuel, oil, ice and two complimentary pump-out stations are conveniently located on the fuel dock, and the marina has clean and secure restroom/shower facilities and a laundromat.

St. Augustine Municipal Marina provides all the amenities necessary for an enjoyable stay, plus the added benefit of being located in the center of "The Nation’s Oldest City." You can enjoy historic sights, four-star restaurants, home style dinners, gift shops, art galleries, antique stores and one-of-a-kind attractions all just a short walk from the safe, casual environment of the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.

If you have any further questions relative to the services, area and attractions please do let me know as you can find me most anytime at 954-821-6450 or email at

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catamaran Service and Parts

This year, 2010, I would like to dedicate as much emphasis as possible into the realm of Catamaran Service and Parts for the after sale and purchase customer. I do know that it can be quite frustrating for an owner to find that simple little piece of the plumbing system, once the problem has been found, practically impossible to find and loose days if not weeks of the use of their head, sink, or whatever due to the lack of availability of a good source for say an elbow that exists in a particular system.

It all starts at the original build process. Each manufacturer sources from year to year parts an pieces to build their yachts with the most effective and cost efficient materials as possible to bring you the best product on the market at that time. Here is what happens though, especially in off shore builds, over time, suppliers are doing the same thing. Materials change, costs change and the suppliers themselves change. Further, in today's world as building has been downsized manufacturer's find that suppliers have done the same. Parts become un-available, changes in material lists have to modified and that creates a situation where it becomes very difficult to find that simple piece of plumbing from the original builder.

So please be a bit patient with your service technician, yard manager and or parts supplier when that particular occasion arises. I hope to, in my posts for this year, offer up products that we have sourced, are available from manufacturer's and welcome any feedback via comments from you as owners as to your experiences and new found either solutions and or suppliers.
Best for 2010!, and you can find me just about anytime at 954-821-6450 and email