Monday, November 9, 2009

The Catamaran Center of Saint Augustine Catamarans for Sale


It has been announced that John Anderson will lead a new sales center in Saint Augustine, Florida servicing South Carolina, Georgia and Northeast Florida giving The Catamaran Company a sixth location with which to service catamaran buyers. Catamarans for Sale

John, after a number of years traveling the East Coast working with buyers and sellers of Catamarans, looked for just the right place to create a great regional center for Catamarans for The Catamaran Company. This Center is to service the South Carolina, Georgia and North East Florida and at the same time maintain ties to the Corporate Office in Fort Lauderdale. Saint Augustine and it’s Yards and Marinas are easily access able from the Atlantic Ocean and the
ICW, offering multiple locations for dockage and has Catamaran Friendly Marine Services with rail capacity to haul up to near 40’ in beam. From Saint Augustine, John can service regionally Charleston, Savannah, Brunswick and Jacksonville currently lacking good catamaran service whether buying, selling or chartering.

The Catamaran Center of Saint Augustine will be dedicated to sell New Gemini Catamarans from Performance Cruising , New Lagoon Catamarans and service the Used Market for both buyers and sellers. It is the mission of this Center to provide an “Approved” Vendors List of Catamaran friendly services within the region so that a customer can give us a call from within the area and have access to recommended local Yards, Marinas and Services as required. Finally, this new center will be in the position to field charter inquires whether bareboat or crewed, happy to work with “try before you buy” charters and those parties considering a purchase for charter application.
It is with great pleasure that I have had the opportunity to service this growing area of the Marine Market segment and hope to provide many years of Sales and Service from the Catamaran Center of Saint Augustine. You can find me just about anytime when not in the boat yard at or by cell phone 954.821.6450