Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catamaran Auction St Augustine FL USA May 4th-6th 2012

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks all for your participation.

May 6th 2012. This Auction is now CLOSED with having neither of these Catamarans having bids that met the RESERVE. Both, then are very much still avialable as Catamarans for Sale pricing and specifications now revert back to The Catamaran Company listings that can be accessed below. Please feel free to contact me directly as to any further interest in Cat-Taloo or Chaka Zulu. John Anderson 954-821-6450

I would like to thank all that participated, St Augustine Marine were wonderful hosts, and most all enjoyed the opportunity to visit St Augustine!

May 5th 2012 Update: We have had (2) days of Inspections, with a rather good turn-out. Please note that the RESERVE Price has NOT been met.

Please note that bidding initiates the opportunity to further inpect as terms of Purchase by an accepted purchase agreement between buyer and seller once the reserve has been Met. You do not have to be present to bid. 

We currently have (2) Seriously for Sale Sailing Catamarans located here at St Augustine Marine Center, The Catamaran Company St Augustine FL USA that the sellers have said Sell my Catamaran! To facilitate that request we are offering these two catamarans for sale via an Auction with Reserve to any and all interested parties. Chaka Zulu a 2002 SUD COMPOSITES 47' and Cat-Taloo a 1993 PROUT ESCALE 39'

The Boats:

"Chaka Zulu" 47' 2002 Sud Composites Chaka Zulu Listing Details   Well equipped, fast, comfortable, safe, well aired, lots of storage space, lots of light, in perfect condition. 2 years at sea including a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean islands between Venezuela and the Bahamas. Boat ready for a world tour ! US Duty Paid

Highest Bidder:_______
Number of received Bids:_________
Intitial Bid Price: XXXX
Current Highest Bid: XXXX
Reserve has beeen met NO

"Cat-Taloo" 39' 1993  Cat-Taloo Listing Details  A Landmark over time, Cat Taloo simply falls in this category! US Duty Paid.

Highest Bidder_________
Number of received Bids_______
Initial Bid Price: XXXX
Current Highest Bid: XXXX
Reserve has been met No

The Auction:

Dates: Both vessels will be made available for pre-inspection beginning April 30th 2012. Formal Auction Dates are May 4th through May 6th 2012. The Auction will be closed at 5:00 PM Sunday May 6th 2012.

Terms of the Auction: These vessels are being offered "as is where is" with right to inspect. Any costs related inspection are solely at the bidders expense. Third Party Inspectors are Available.

The highest bidder over the reserve will be required to execute a complete Purchase Agreement and will need to have a 10% deposit escrowed within 48 hours in The Catamaran Company's escrow account. All bids over the reserve will be submitted to the sellers. Cash Only, Close within 14 Days.

Bidding Process:

Bids will ONLY be accepted May 4th beginning at 8:00 AM and end May 6th at 5:00 PM. All considered bids must be above the initial Bid Price and or above the current published highest bid Price during Auction Hours. This site will be up-dated twice a day during the Auction. Bids will be accepted only by Email and must include:

Name of Bidder
Mailing Address
Telephone #
Email Address

All bids are to be submitted to: 

Enjoy the Auction and Good Luck!