Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Chaka Zulu is a 2002 47' SUD COMPOSITES GRAN GRAND SUD SAILING CATAMARAN FOR SALE. Currently listed catamaran for sale soon to arrive St Augustine Florida USA. Sud Composites probably better known for the Switch 51 55 57 Catamarans for sale built this vessel for her current owners as a semi-custom build.

Founded in 1990 Sud Composites this Suisse company became well-known with its brand Switch. This yard is specialized on fully customized high performance boats. They mostly build catamarans for sale and offshore cruising catamarans in close collaboration with the designers Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost. Principle activities are also the research and the development of new boats.

I have had the opportunity to meet with Michelle and her family as they are preparing the last leg to place this catamaran for sale in land storage St Augustine Marine. Very lovely people who are completing their most recent sailing adventure through most ports of the Caribbean. A happy sad as they are completing the process of preparing her, Chaka Zulu catamaran for sale.

As with any custom build catamaran for sale, it is important to recognize the features that have been built into this particular yacht. As you can see, the foredeck of Caka Zulu is a hard deck with abundant space for lounging and recreation as well as offering air space to reduce “nosing” into waves. Large galley and main saloon supports a comfortable lifestyle while cruising. After that she has a rather standard four cabin two head arrangement with copious storage available for cruising gear.

Chaka Zulu is going to be a must see for those looking for a true Bluewater Cruiser in the under 300K USD price range. For an appointment please contact, me John Anderson, just about anytime at 954-821-6450 or e-mail john.anderson@catamarans.com I look forward to the opportunity!

Manta 42 MK 2 2005 Catamaran for Sale St Augustine Florida USA

Manta Catamarans have always held a premier position amongst the sail and power cruising community. Manta’s history began with the Manta 38 evolving into a 40 and further into their final release in a 42 sailing catamaran for sale. Manta in later years added the Manta Power 44 Catamaran for sale which rounded out the production models of Manta. Manta has held the position of being one of the very few builders here in the United States providing U.S. built catamarans for sale.

Recently, I have had the privilege to list “Emerald Dream” a 2005 MK 2 42’ Manta 42 Catamaran for sale located St Augustine FL USA currently land stored at St Augustine Marine. She is an interesting listing in that as built, she was equipped with most of the Manta provided options, sailed briefly by her owner, due to the owners other commitments, this vessel was put into storage and has received little use since then. She has then received very light use with approx. 200 hours on her hull and systems.

Mike Houghton, Owner Operator at Sail Abaco Sunshine Getaways and another Manta 42 owner has assisted in overseeing her freshening which is currently on going St Augustine Marine. I do want to personally thank both he and Margaret for their efforts. It is always a pleasure to work with an individual who knows a particular model as well as Mike and Margaret do in making sure that the attention needed comes from someone who knows the boat. Both from a guys "eye" as well as the ladies.

Besides Emerald Dream, The Catamaran Company has (2) further listings of Manta Catamarans for sale. A 2006 Manta 42 MK II Catamaran for sale Island Dreams in the British Virgin Islands BVI and a 1997 Manta 40 Sailing Catamaran for sale Mr. C.O. Jones currently lying Fort Lauderdale Florida.

If you are interested in the purchase of a Manta Catamaran, please do take the opportunity to contact me John Anderson most anytime at 954.821.6450 or email john.andreson@catamarans.com I am sure that you will enjoy the experience!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Privilege 45 Catamaran becomes Intercoastal Friendly!

Just completed by St Augustine Marine, this very well kept and re-fitted Privlege 45 is Now Intercoastal Friendly!

The fractional rigs of many catamarans does allow for a "quick fix" when travels in restricted waterways due to mast height is an issue. In this case Andrew was able to remove 3' from the top of the mast and with some minor work to the main sail have this cat ready for travels on the East Coast intercoastal water ways. Andrews comment? "it was easy!"

The St Augustine Catamaran Center, 5 Palm Row St Augustine invites the catamaran community to visit our related facilities here in town for all of your yachting needs. From long term storage on "the hard" to repairs, refits and most any related service needs. Whether sailing, selling and or purchasing a catamaran I am a phone call away local 904-826-1515 cell anytime 954-821-6450 and email john.anderson@catamarans.com

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Privilege 51 Catamaran "On the Rail" St Augustine Marine

The Privilege 51 Catamaran for sale represents one of the outstanding "work horses" of the Crewed Yacht Industry. Many of these Yachts have been converted over to lovely private yachts with full worldwide cruising potential. In the series of this era was the Privilege 42 Privilege 43 updated to the Privilge 45. The Privilege 48 482 which then was converted to the Privilege 51 and the "flagship of the fleet" The Privilege 65 Catamaran where there are selective catamarans for sale on a global basis.

I have been invloved with this build from new to previously owned for many years and would be happy to discuss the merits of these fine catamarans. Need some work done? St Augustine Marine is a perfect place. Lift and Rail capacities to near 40' beam.

Please feel free to contact me just about anytime local 904-826-1515 Cell 954-821-6450 or email just about anytime john.anderson@catamarans.com

New Location! St Augustine Catamaran Center where Catamarans are for sale. Whether just sailing, selling or buying a Catamaran come visit us 5 Palm Row St Augustine Florida USA

Saint Augustine and its boat yards and marinas are easily accessible from the Atlantic Ocean and the ICW, offering multiple locations for dockage and is very catamaran-friendly, including marine services available with a rail capacity to haul up to 40 ft wide cats.

From Saint Augustine, John Anderson can now service the population centers of Charleston, Savannah, Brunswick, Jacksonville and South to Cape Canaveral, which currently lacks adequate catamaran service whether buying, selling or chartering.

You can find us at 5 Palm Row STE G St Augustine, Florida 32084, easy walking distance from the city marina located in the “Heart” of the Downtown Historic District. We have ample parking which must be entered from St George St., as Palm Row is actually a walking street. Please an Appointment will ensure that we will be there to meet your specific requirements, Office 904-826-1515 or my Cell 954-821-6450.

Make an Appointment! We do not want to miss you! just an email away at john.anderson@catamarans.com