Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gemini Catamarans For Sale

The Gemini Catamaran is a great yacht for sailing no matter what your interests might be. Whether you are looking for a weekend setting on your favorite fresh water lake, or looking for adventure on the High Seas, this well known catamaran meets or exceeds the possibilites!

Via The Catamaran Company, I now can provide either new or previously owned, for private, fractional or purchase for charter. Please feel free to contact me anytime as to your interests. As our world turns, this by the way is the only production catamaran that can carry the title of "Built in America"!

as always you can find me most anytime @ or 954-821-6450

An Invitation!! Yachties Unite!

For my personal situation, being I guess from Florida, I am inclined to think of our times via an analogy of the perfect storm.

Without the opportunity to truly prepare for the “Hurricane” it has felt like having been broadsided where the only choice was simply to find some shelter and wait out the storm!

In the last few weeks we have noticed some stabilization and it does seem that people are beginning to crawl out from under the “rock” and are beginning to move around. Passed the shock of adjustments in our lives relative to real estate and portfolio values, beginning to organize and move on with a degree of frugality and caution. Know, back to the analogy, is that storm over or have we just entered the “eye” with another round just around the corner. If that is the case so be it! I personally feel like we are in any case a whole bunch more prepared and ready to move on.

So what does all that have to do with yachting? For those who were insulated and are looking for just the right yacht, I applaud you! Let me assist in your yachting plans!

For others, maybe having to look for other employment or extending their need to continue to work beyond intended retirements, maybe it is time to look at alternative choices in continuing the opportunity to get out on the water. In our hectic lives taking a moment for recreation is essential. One might consider, Fractional Ownership, Purchase for Charter, Club Memberships or at minimum Chartering. We do still need to have fun and relax occasionally!

The Invitation! Yachties, Unite!

The Catamaran Company is preparing to have a great weekend May 2nd and 3rd, both here in Fort Lauderdale and in Annapolis Maryland where the venue is for our friends and customers to gather to talk about sailing, review new products and discuss the opportunities in purchasing. If you have opportunity, this will be a great time to re-connect with the market and take advantage of a day or so to discuss your yachting interests.

For those who would like to attend the Fort Lauderdale Event please feel free to contact myself , John Anderson 954-821-6450 or for the Annapolis Event, my Associate Mike Stevens 410-533-5147

If you can’t make the party!, both Mike and I have worked up some great presentations where we know can provide individual and or group internet shared demonstrations and detailed explanations via software provided by Mikogo, the phone or Skype. There are great choices available in Lagoon and Gemini New Yacht Purchases as well as previously owned yachts. We hope that you take the time to discuss how we can best assist in your yachting plans!

Thank you for your consideration.

As always you can find me most anytime @

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interesting Stuff! Internet Presentations

There are always new tools that become avialable to enhance our ability to communicate via the internet. I have recently added to my "tool bag" and have found it a great way to better discuss any related subject that is relevant to yacht sales. Whether presenting a charter budget, fractional programs, previews of yachts to current new model innovations this is a great tool to have available. Try it! You will like it and it does not cost anything! At least at the moment.

I would be happy to review with you what might be of interest via mikogo and the world of Catamarans!

As always, you can find me most any time at or feel free to call 954-821-8450

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boat Yacht Bank Repo and Salvage

8/3/2012 Bank Repo's and Salvage has become pretty difficult to find in Today's Market. There on the other hand are distressed catamarans for sale, at any one given time or another. Currently in the Shipyard here in St Augustine I do have the following:
1999 Gemini Catamaran for Sale: Needs Motor and Clean-up..
1993 Prout 39 Escale Catamaran for Sale: Windows are currently in the process of replacement, will need interior wood work and cosmetics...
2002 Custom 47 Grand Sud Catamaran for Sale: Would make a great Day Charter Catamaran for Sale though not a US BUILT USCG Ceritfied VESSEL... Need a home outside of the states... Multiple trans-atlantic Crossings. Contact John Anderson 954-821-6450 with your current purhcase paramaeters...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Leopard Catamarans for Sale

Leopard 42 Catamaran for Sale 2004 Owners 3 Cab Asking 329K USD
This vessel has just recently been listed, located Georgia, very well equipped! Excellent Condition! Call 954-821-6450 Ask for John Anderson for an appointment!  

2/10/2013 MIAMI BOAT SHOW 2013, attending the Show? Compare the New Lagoon Releases this year, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 400S2 and the New Lagoon 52 Catamarans for Sale!, with the Great Releases for Leopard Catamarans for Sale... Ask about our PURCHASE FOR CHARTER OPPORTUNITIES! SAMPLE BUDGET LINK Where can you find me? MIAMI SHOW LINK John Anderson 954-821-6450

8/2/2012 (2) New Entries in Leopard 40 Owner's Version Catamarans for Sale! A 2010 Asking 329 K USD and a 2007 Asking 309 K USD. Both located East Coast of the United States! Please call or email as a Good Value does not last long!

7/7/2012 SOLD! First half 2012 sales Leopard Catamarans for Sale included this noted Leopard 38 other sales inlcuded Leopard 39 and a Beautiful Leopard 40 Whether buying or selling your Leopard Catamaran for Sale Please Contact Me John Anderson 954-821-6450

3/3/2012 New Listing Leopard Robertson and Caine Leopard 38 1999/2000 Catamaran for Sale Contact me if you are looking for a well maintained cruising Catamaran for Sale! Utube video Just Posted
Well, guess you thought that I only sold Lagoons! If you have a desire for a South African build, the Robertson Caine boats are probably the most popular. Leopard Catamarans for sale, without a question, have surfaced as the best build outside of the popular French Builders. Over the years the Leopard Robertson Caine line has included 38 40 42 43 46 and now just recently the new 44 that is quite a statement in design relative to catamarans for sale.

This is a good time to buy a Leopard if you are willing to consider a phased- out charter boat and a good price. Why? Each year Moorings and Sunsail complete their obligations to owners and use this end of high season time to release and turn-over the end of term Yachts to their owners. Many of these owners have chosen to do typically one of three things. First, met there goals in life and are ready to go sailing! Second, Have not gotten there, have enjoyed their purchase for charter arrangements and are "rolling" over into a new Catamaran for another 4/5 years. Finally, third, had a great time and are ready to sell. In either of the last two choices there often are great opportunities to puchase either in trades and or serious sellers.

Ready to buy!? I know the people involved, the locations and services for those locations. Let's go shopping! As always you can find me most any time @ Phone: 954-821-6450

Lagoon Catamarans for Sale It's a Party!

On May 2nd and 3rd both in Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale we are planning an informational and a great opportunity to purchase extravaganza!! Your invited! I, myself, John Anderson will be receiving guests here in Fort Lauderdale and my associate Michael Stevens will be fielding the Annapolis Event. Please let us know as soon as possible as to whether you will be able to attend!

Exciting news From the Catamaran Company. Due to high demand we will be hosting our very own boat show and you can choose the location either Annapolis or Fort Lauderdale

Enjoy a full day packed with seminars, tours, music, and drinks for absolutely free of cost. Its our method in showing our appreciation to our current and future customers

If you are currently in the market join us on this informative and interactive display.

Seminars will be conducted throughout the day on board a Lagoon. Expand you research knowledge come with questions we have the best brokers to provide you with answers.

Plan on purchasing in the next couple of months? Test Sail a Lagoon or Gemini that weekend. Book today otherwise there might not be anymore space available.

Always wanted to learn how to sail well now’s your chance take this opportunity to learn to float away.

Looking for a stimulus relief? Here's our stimulating offer

We have a wide selection of vessels on display with Special Spring Sale Killer Deals
If you plans are to cruise on a Lagoon for vacation we will have specials for the weekend only! Dont hesitate

This affair filled with free happy hour and live entertainment wont be the same without our loyal customers. Please this make this event a memorable one and sail away with the vessel of your dream.

And as always you can find me most any time @ 954-821-6450