Friday, December 19, 2014

A First For The Catamaran Company! Guaranteed Income!

A First for The Catamaran Company! GUARANTEED INCOME! Previously we were strictly Revenue Sharing!


Program Benefits!

Zero Operating Expenses

Up to 6 Weeks of Boating Each Year

Professional Maintenance at No Cost to You

3 Year Charter Management Contract

Alternative Revenue Sharing Program Available

In-House Financing Available

Contract Cancellable at any time you choose.

Lagoon 400S2 Program Details!

Lagoon 400S2 Currently available in the BVI

Lagoon Retail Price with Full Charter Equipment $592,988 Loan Details

Charter Income Advance ($93,988)

The Catamaran Company Program Entry Price $499,000

Interest Rate 4.99%

Loan Amortization 15 Years

25% Down Payment $124,750

Your Monthly Loan Payment $2,958

Loan Financed $374,250

The Entire Program is GUARANTEED!

Cancel your agreement at any time.

Change to a Revenue Sharing Agreement at any time.

Yacht is Financed by and owned by You from Day 1

You get up to $135,000 of Retail Charter Use of Your Yacht in the BVI

All Operating Expenses are Paid by The Catamaran Company

Book your own charters and earn 15%

Refer a friend to charter and earn 5%

Refer a friend to Buy into the Program and earn 1%

Want to self finance? No problem, we will send you a check each month!

Other Select Offerings on other Lagoon/Gemini Products ask for details or CALL anytime 954-821-6450 Ask for John