Friday, February 5, 2010

St Augustine Catamaran Center does the Savannah Boat Show!

The Savannah Boat Show Georgia February 26th through the 28th 2010 Gemini Catamarans and Lagoon Catamarans for Sale and for Charter.

BOOTH DISPLAY ONLY!! But we will be prepared to discuss these builders, our brokerage market and inventory in St Augustine and Fort Lauderdale Florida. Along with the our Professional Marine Services.

This will be a new show for us, The St. Augustine Catamaran Center and SouthEast Sailing and Yachts. If you can not make the Miami Show and are in the Charleston/Savannah area we would like to discuss your interests in Yachting Interests whether multi-hull or mono-hull, please look us up! We offer full service to include:

Just about anything that you might need for your Yachting plans, we will be there to discuss your yachting needs!

Sales Viking Life Rafts
Gen and Air Sales and Service
Canvas and Upholstery
Bottom Painting
New Catamaran Mono-Hull Sales, both New and Previously Owned, whether buying and or selling!
Both Dry and Wet Storage, Lift capacity up to 23’6”, Rail Service up to 30'
Charter inquires please apply!

See you in Savannah!!

As always you can find me just about anytime at 954-821-6450 or email See you at the show! Can't make the Show! CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TODAY!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sailing your Dream, a Dream that can be Reached!

You know, all of us spend time looking and dreaming for our next adventure. Some good folks that have a Lagoon 440 Catamaran not for sale have lived that dream and a dream that goes on, Sail On,!! They recently wrote:

"Hey John, It is great to hear from you. Yep, we are still cruising, in fact we are now starting our third year. While Leu Cat is moored in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador, Mary Margaret and I are currently in the Peruvian Amazon.

We still post our daily blog at:

Awhile ago I started adding a "Techno-Tip Of The Day" when we are on the boat. There must be over 200 of them now. These are just daily tips on anything relating to cruising: from maintenance, repairs, sailing techniques, nautical stuff, etc, etc, etc. When Mary Margaret writes the blog, she does a Galley Tip Of The Day. We started this at the request of a number of readers of our blog. Who would have thought when we started our blog we would have about 500 to 600 readers a week from all over the world. Go figure!In early March we head over to the Galapagos and then in early April we head over to the Marquesas and points west.

We hope to be in New Zealand by November of this year.The Lagoon 440 is doing great. We really love the way she sails, even with all of the weight we have on her. However, I am still trying to learn the best way of flying the asymmetrical spinnaker we have. Any tips you can send our way would be greatly appreciated. Also, any tips you may have on reefing downwind. I have added a downhaul, which helps but if you have good insight on reefing a catamaran on a downwind tack, if would be appreciated. With the big roachy mailsail, it is so different than a monohull!I still try to steer people your way. We greatly appreciated everything you did for us.Best Regards and give your now, not so recent bride, our warmest thoughts. Dave Leu"

I wish David and Mary Margaret the very best, Sail On!,, and if you would like to begin your own adventure and looking for the right yacht?, please feel free to contact me just about any time at 954.821.6450 or email